The established test unit fee for Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) and its subsidiaries Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc. (Risk & Needs, and Professional Online Testing Solutions, Inc. (Online-Testing, is $9.95 per test. Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) charges one all-inclusive fee ($9.95 per test).

Some testing companies employ Á la carte billing which can be deceptive. In these instances “test cost” is kept deceptively low. When test-related items and services are added, the test cost can be much more expensive than originally reported. Another stratagem for keeping a tests cost low is simply not providing many (if any) test-related features and services. In contrast, BDS, Risk & Needs and Online-Testing all charge one low and all-inclusive test fee of $9.95 per test.

One Fee is All Inclusive

BDS and its subsidiaries Risk & Needs and Online-Testing charge one all-inclusive test fee. Whether it is our standard $9.95 test unit fee, our treatment effectiveness (outcome) test unit fee of $7.95 per test or a volume discounted test unit fee, these testing fees incorporate the following test-related items, programs and services free.

Included Free

An Exception: Treatment Effectiveness Tests

BDS, Risk & Needs and Online-Testing’s test unit fee for pre-post (outcome or treatment effectiveness) tests is $7.95 per pretest and separately $7.95 per posttest. This reduced price acknowledges pretest-posttest testing involves two test administrations. For pre-post, outcome or treatment effectiveness test information email us at

Volume Discounts

Departments, agencies, corporations, groups and high volume providers that administer 300 or more tests a year are entitled to volume discounts. Statewide testing contracts involve additional discounts

Note: Once your test unit fee is established it does not change. Consequently, price changes do not apply to established or current test users. This policy protects our users from inflation.

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