How to Order Online (Internet) Tests at

  1. Paper-Pencil Testing. Supervisor Data Entry: Select this option if you wish to enter client responses from a completed paper and pencil answer sheet or make changes to a previously entered test. It takes approximately 25 minutes for the client to complete the test, but only 2 to 3 minutes to enter the data (answers) into the computer. Reports are available to print on-site immediately.
  2. On your Computer. Administer Test to Client: Select this option if you wish to have the client take the test directly on the computer screen. Clients sit at your computer and read and answer the questions one by one. After the client completes the test, the report is ready to print, every test is computer scored for accuracy.
  3. Human Voice Audio: Human Voice Audio is available at no additional cost to BDS (and its subsidiaries) test users. Human Voice Audio (HVA) helps respondents overcome many test-related reading impairments and cultural-related issues. HVA is available in English and Spanish. In brief, one’s passive vocabulary (what a person hears and understands) is usually greater than their active (spoken) vocabulary. Having test instructions, questions and answers read out loud in the client’s (patient/offender’s) native or dominant language helps reduce communication and cultural issues. Each question (or answer) is highlighted on the computer screen (monitor) as it is simultaneously read to the client in English or Spanish. The client can go back-and-forth as many times as needed for clarification. When the client selects their answer, the program advances to the next question.
  4. Optical Scanner Scoring: The Gambler Index (GI) over the internet ( we offer Gambling Index (GI) scanning capability with this system. Setting up the scanning feature does require certain configuration settings to be made to your computer. Please contact us if you would like to discuss and/or coordinate the setup and installation of the scanning feature. Please email us at or by phone at 800-231-2401.

Test Translation

The Gambler Index (GI) is available in English and Spanish. To discuss translating the GI Index into other languages, contact us at Test booklet and answer sheet translation for your specific population can be accommodated.

You decide if your area population requires Polish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Russian, etc. language testing. You select a local translator who can translate the text and record the audio of the test booklet and answer sheet, we will pay the translator of your choice $200.00 to send us a text file and audio recording. We will create a test booklet and answer sheet specifically for you. And we will set up the audio of your version online for your reading impaired clients. And this is at no additional cost to you.